Spice Jet Air Ambulance Service – COVID19

SpiceJet is one such airlines company that always works for providing the best to their users in every situation. Moreover, their main motive behind their exceptional service is to provide their users with a safe flight, and they have a 100% success rate in their specialty. During this lock down period because of Corona virus

Light Health Hazards associated with Air Travel

Are you thinking about your next vacation, and this time you want to select a far away location? If you said yes, then we are sure that you must be travelling by air to reach your location. There are several benefits that you can take advantage of travelling by air, some of those are as

Alpha Floor Protection and High Angle of Attack Protection

This content has been published after getting repeated queries via site’s contact us page and our A320 technical forum’s topics. To most, in fact all, of the senior Airbus pilots both these terms must be clear but some new ones face challenges in relating both. Before writing subjective explanation following are main points to understand

Optimum Mach Number

It is the mach number which remains greater than maximum range cruse mach number (MRC) and lower than long range cruise (LRC) mach number over entire range of a typical cruise operation in terms of gross weight and altitude. Optimum flight level for this optimum mach number is the flight level which provides the greatest

Cross-Over Altitude

Cross over altitude is defined as the altitude at which the climb law of aircraft switches from Indicated Air Speed to Mach speed. Cross over altitude varies with cost index and plays vital role in climb economy calculations. TAS is maximum at cross over altitude and starts decreasing thereafter up to tropopause and is constant

Final Approach and Final Approach Fix

Final approach is the part of instrument approach procedure which commences as final approach fix or point where a fix is not specified at the end procedure turn, base turn or inbound turn of racetrack procedure, if specified and ends at the point in the vicinity of an aerodrome from where landing can be made

Cloud Ceiling

Cloud Ceiling is defined as the height above the ground or water of the base of the lowest layer of cloud below 20,000 ft (6000 m) covering more than half the sky.

Final Approach Segment (FAS)

Segment of instrument approach procedure in which alignment and descent for landing are accomplished. Also Read: Final Approach and Final Approach Fix

Threshold Crossing Height – TCH

TCH is the height at which aircraft will cross the runway threshold if maintaining the glideslope defined by ILS glideshope antenna. It also ensures proper wheel clearance above the runway threshold. TCH is generally set to 50 ft. For non-precision approach also it is advisable to cross the threshold at published TCH.