NOTAMs Contractions

Following is the list of standard contractions/abbreviations used NOTAMs. Please use the search option for easy navigation through the list and NOTAMs decoding.
ABN Airport Beacon
ABV Above
ACC Area Control Center (ARTCC)
ACCUM Accumulate
ACFT Aircraft
ACR Air Carrier
ACT Active
ADJ Adjacent
ADZD Advised
AFD Airport Facility Directory
AGL Above ground level
ALS Approach Light System
ALT Altitude
ALTM Altimeter
ALTN Alternate
ALTNLY Alternately
ALSTG Altimeter Setting
AMDT Amendment
AMGR Airport Manager
AMOS Automatic Meteorological Observing System
AP Airport
APCH Approach
AP LGT Airport Lights
APP Approach control
ARFF Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting
ARR Arrive, arrival
ASOS Automated Surface Observing System
ASPH Asphalt
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATCSCC Air Traffic Control System Command Center
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
AUTH Authority
AUTOB Automatic Weather Reporting System
AVBL Available
AWOS Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting System
AWY Airway
AZM Azimuth
AMD Amended Forecast (TAF)
AMPLTD Amplitude
AMS Air Mass
AMS American Meteorological Society
ANLYS Analysis
APLCN Appalachian
AS Altostratus
ASOS Automated Surface Observing System
ATLC Atlantic
AURBO Aurora Borealis
AWP Aviation Weather Processors
ALUTN Aleutian
ALWF Actual Wind Factor
AM Ante  Meridiem
A Absolute (temperature)
A Alaskan Standard Time (time groups only)
A Arctic (air mass)
A01 Automated Observation without Precipitation Discriminator (rain/snow) (METAR)
A02 Automated Observation with Precipitation Discriminator (rain/snow) (METAR)
AAWF Auxiliary Aviation Weather Facility
AC Altocumulus
ACC Altocumulus Castellanus
ACSL Standing Lenticular Altocumulus
ACYC Anticyclonic
ADRNDCK Adirondack
ADV Advise
ADVCTN Advection
ADVY Advisory
AFC Area Forecast Center
AFDK After  Dark
ALF Aloft
ALGHNY Allegheny
ALQDS All Quadrants
ALSEC All Sectors
ALTA Alberta
BA FAIR Braking action fair
BA NIL Braking action nil
BA POOR Braking action poor
BC Back Course
BCN Beacon
BERM Snowbank(s) Containing Earth/Gravel
BLW Below
BND Bound
BRG Bearing
BYD Beyond
BLKT Blanket
BLZD Blizzard
BMS Basic Meteorological Services
BNDRY Boundary
BOVC Base of Overcast
BRF Brief
BRKHIC Breaks in Higher Overcast
BRKSHR Berkshire
BRM Barometer
BTWN Between
BL Between Layers
BL Blowing (METAR)
BLD Build
BLDUP Buildup
BLKHLS Black Hills
B Beginning of Precipitation (time in minutes) (weather reports only)
B Bering Standard Time (time groups only)
BACLIN Baroclinic or Baroclinic Prognosis
BATROP Barotropic or Barotropic Prognosis
BC Patches (METAR)
BC British Columbia
BCFG Patchy Fog (METAR)
BCH Beach
BCKG Backing
BDA Bermuda
BECMG Becoming (expected between 2 digit beginning hour and 2 digit ending hour) (TAF)
BFDK Before Dark
BINOVC Breaks in Overcast
CAAS Class A Airspace
CAT Category
CBAS Class B Airspace
CBSA Class B Surface Area
CCAS Class C Airspace
CCLKWS Counterclockwise
CCSA Class C Surface Area
CD Clearance Delivery
CDAS Class D Airspace
CDSA Class D Surface Area
CEAS Class E Airspace
CESA Class E Surface Area
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CGAS Class G Airspace
CHG Change
CIG Ceiling
CK Check
CL Centerline
CLKWS Clockwise
CLR Clearance, clear(s), cleared to
CLSD Closed
CMB Climb
CMSND Commissioned
CNL Cancel
COM Communications
CONC Concrete
CPD Coupled
CRS Course
CTC Contact
CTL Control
CONTDVD Continental Divide
CONTRAILS Condensation Trails
COR Correction to the observation (METAR)
CS Cirrostratus
CST Coast
CTGY Category
CTSKLS Catskills
CU Cumulus
CUFRA Cumulus Fractus
CYC Cyclonic
CYCLGN Cyclogenesis
CI Cirrus
CIG Ceiling
CLD Cloud
CLR Clear at or below 12,000 feet (AWOS/ASOS report) (METAR)
CLRS Clear and Smooth
CNCL Cancel
CNDN Canadian
CNVTV Convective
CONFDC Confidence
C Central Standard Time (time groups only)
C Continental (air mass)
CAN Canada
CARIB Caribbean
CASCDS Cascades
CAVOK Cloud and Visibility OK (METAR)
CAVU Clear or Scattered Clouds and Visibility Greater Than Ten Miles
CAWS Common Aviation Weather Sub–system
CB Cumulonimbus
CBMAM Cumulonimbus Mamma
CC Cirrocumulus
CCLKWS Counterclockwise
CCSL Standing Lenticular Cirrocumulus
CDFNT Cold Front
CFP Cold Front Passage
CHARC Characteristic
CHSPK Chesapeake
DALGT Daylight
DCMSND Decommissioned
DCT Direct
DEGS Degrees
DEP Depart/Departure
DEPPROC Departure procedures
DH Decision Height
DISABLD Disabled
DIST Distance
DLA Delay or delayed
DLT Delete
DLY Daily
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DMSTN Demonstration
DP Dew Point Temperature
DRFT Snowbank(s) Caused By Wind Action
DSPLCD Displaced
DABRK Daybreak
DCAVU Clear or Scattered Clouds and Visibility Greater than Ten, Remainder of Report Missing (weather reports only)
DKTS Dakotas
DMSH Diminish
DNS Dense
DNSLP Downslope
DNSTRM Downstream
DP Deep
DPNG Deepening
DPTH Depth
DR Low Drifting (METAR)
DRFT Drift
DS Dust Storm (METAR)
DSIPT Dissipate
DTLN International Dateline
DTRT Deteriorate
DU Widespread Dust (METAR)
DVV Downward Vertical Velocity
DWNDFTS Downdrafts
DWPNT Dew Point
DZ Drizzle (METAR)
ELNGT Elongate
EMBDD Embedded
EMSU Environment Meteorological Support Unit
ENERN East–northeastern (weather reports only)
ENEWD East–northeastward (weather reports only)
EOF Expected Operations Forecast
ESERN East–southeastern (weather reports only)
ESEWD East–southeastward (weather reports only)
EXTRAP Extrapolate
EXTRM Extreme
E Eastern Standard Time (time groups only)
E Ending of Precipitation (time in minutes) (weather reports only)
E Equatorial (air mass)
E Estimated (weather reports only)
E East
EB Eastbound
EFAS En Route Flight Advisory Service
ELEV Elevation
ENG Engine
ENRT En route
ENTR Entire
EXC Except
FA Area Forecast
FAH Fahrenheit
FEW 1 or 2 octas (eighths) cloud coverage (METAR)
FC Funnel Cloud (METAR)
+FC Tornado/ Water Spout (METAR)
FIBI Filed but Impractical to Transmit
FILG Filling
FAC Facility or facilities
FAF Final Approach fix
FAN MKR Fan Marker
FDC Flight Data Center
FI/T Flight inspection temporary
FI/P Flight inspection permanent
FM From
FREQ Frequency
FNA Final approach
FPM Feet per minute
FREQ Frequency
FRH Fly Runway Heading
FRI Friday
FRZN Frozen
FSS Automated/Flight Service Station
FT Foot, feet
FINO Weather Report Will Not Be Filed for Transmission
FL Flash Advisory
FLDST Flood Stage
FLG Falling
FLRY Flurry
FLWIS Flood Warning Issued
FM From (4 digit beginning time in hours and minutes) (TAF)
FNT Front
FNTGNS Frontogenesis
FNTLYS Frontolysis
FORNN Forenoon
FRMG Forming
FROPA Frontal Passage
FROSFC Frontal Surface
FRST Frost
FRWF Forecast Wind Factor
FRZ Freeze
FRZLVL Freezing Level
FRZN Frozen
FT Terminal Forecast
FU Smoke (METAR)
FULYR Smoke Layer Aloft
FUOCTY Smoke Over City
FWC Fleet Weather Central
FZ Supercooled/freezing (METAR)
G Gusts Reaching (knots) (weather reports only)
GLFALSK Gulf of Alaska
GLFCAL Gulf of California
GLFMEX Gulf of Mexico
GLFSTLAWR Gulf of St. Lawrence
GRAD Gradient
GRBNKS Grand Banks
GRDL Gradual
GRTLKS Great Lakes
GS Small Hail/Snow Pellets (METAR)
GSTS Gusts
GSTY Gusty
GC Ground Control
GCA Ground Control Approach
GOVT Government
GP Glide Path
GPS Global Positioning System
GRVL Gravel
HAA Height Above Airport
HAT Height Above Touchdown
HDG Heading
HEL Helicopter
HELI Heliport
HIRL High Intensity Runway Lights
HIWAS Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service
HLDG Holding
HOL Holiday
HP Holding Pattern
HR Hour
HCVIS High Clouds Visible
HDFRZ Hard Freeze
HDSVLY Hudson Valley
HIEAT Highest Temperature Equaled for All Time
HIEFM Highest Temperature Equaled for The Month
HIESE Highest Temperature Equaled So Early
HIESL Highest Temperature Equaled So Late
HIFOR High Level Forecast
HITMP Highest Temperature
HIXAT Highest Temperature Exceeded for All Time
HIXFM Highest Temperature Exceeded for The Month
HIXSE Highest Temperature Exceeded So Early
HIXSL Highest Temperature Exceeded So Late
HLSTO Hailstones
HLTP Hilltop
HLYR Haze Layer Aloft
HURCN Hurricane
HUREP Hurricane Report
HX High Index
IC Ice Crystals (METAR)
ICG Icing
ICGIC Icing in Clouds
ICGICIP Icing in Clouds and Precipitation
ICGIP Icing in Precipitation
IMDT Immediate
INLD Inland
INSTBY Instability
INTR Interior
INTRMTRGN Inter–Mountain Region
INTS Intense
INTSFY Intensify
INVRN Inversion
IOVC In Overcast
IR Ice on Runway
IAF Initial approach fix
IAP Instrument Approach Procedure
INBD Inbound
ID Identification
IDENT Identify/Identifier/Identification
IF Intermediate fix
ILS Instrument Landing System
IM Inner Marker
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
IN Inch/Inches
INDEFLY Indefinitely
INFO Information
INOP Inoperative
INSTR Instrument
INT Intersection
INTL International
INTST Intensity
IR Ice On Runway(s)
JTSTR Jet Stream
KT Knots
K Cold (air mass)
KFRST Killing Frost
LABRDR Labrador
LCTMP Little Change in Temperature
LDG Landing
LFT Lift
LGRNG Long Range
LIFR Low IFR (weather reports only)
LK Lake
LOEAT Lowest Temperature Equaled for All Time
LOEFM Lowest Temperature Equaled for The Month
LOESE Lowest Temperature Equaled So Early
LOESL Lowest Temperature Equaled So Late
LOTMP Lowest Temperature
LOXAT Lowest Temperature Exceeded for All Time
LOXFM Lowest Temperature Exceeded for The Month
LOXSE Lowest Temperature Exceeded So Early
LOXSL Lowest Temperature Exceeded So Late
LSR Loose Snow on Runway
LTGCC Lightning Cloud-to-Cloud
LTGCCCG Lightning Cloud-to-Cloud, Cloud-to-Ground
LTLCG Little Change
LTNG Lightning
LX Low Index
LYR Layer or Layered or Layers
L Left
LAA Local Airport Advisory
LAT Latitude
LAWRS Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station
LB Pound/Pounds
LC Local Control
LOC Local/Locally/Location
LCTD Located
LDA Localizer Type Directional Aid
LGT Light or lighting
LGTD Lighted
LIRL Low Intensity Runway Lights
LLWAS Low Level Wind Shear Alert System
LM Compass Locator at ILS Middle Marker
LDG Landing
LLZ Localizer
LO Compass Locator at ILS Outer Marker
LONG Longitude
LRN Loran
LSR Loose Snow on Runway(s)
LT Left Turn
LTGCG Lightning Cloud-to-Ground
LTGCW Lightning Cloud-to-Water
LTGIC Lightning in Clouds
M Maritime (air mass)
M In temperature field means ”minus” or below zero (METAR)
M In RVR Field, indicates visibility less than lowest reportable sensor value (e.g. M0600FT)
M Missing (weather reports only)
M Mountain Standard Time (time groups only)
MA Map Analysis
MAN Manitoba
MEGG Merging
MEX Mexico
MHKVLY Mohawk Valley
MI Shallow (METAR)
MIDN Midnight
MIFG Patches of Shallow Fog Not Deeper Than Two Meters (METAR)
MLTLVL Melting Level
MMO Main Meteorological Office
MNLD Mainland
MOGR Moderate or Greater
MONTR Monitor
MOV Move
MRGL Marginal
MRNG Morning
MRTM Maritime
MS Minus
MSTLY Mostly
MSTR Moisture
MTN Mountain
MVFR Marginal VFR
MXD Mixed
MAG Magnetic
MAINT Maintain, maintenance
MALS Medium Intensity Approach Light System
MALSF Medium Intensity Approach Light System with Sequenced Flashers
MALSR Medium Intensity Approach Light System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
MAPT Missed Approach Point
MCA Minimum Crossing Altitude
MDA Minimum Descent Altitude
MEA Minimum Enroute Altitude
MED Medium
MIN Minute
MIRL Medium Intensity Runway Lights
MLS Microwave Landing System
MM Middle Marker
MNM Minimum
MNT Monitor/Monitoring/Monitored
MOC Minimum Obstruction Clearance
MON Monday
MRA Minimum reception altitude
MSA Minimum Safe Altitude/Minimum Sector Altitude
MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
MSG Message
MSL Mean Sea Level
MU MU meters
MUNI Municipal
NB New Brunswick
NCWX No Change in Weather
NELY Northeasterly (weather reports only)
NERN Northeastern
NEW ENG New England
NFLD Newfoundland
NGT Night
NL No Layers
NMBR Number
NNERN North–northeastern (weather reports only)
NNEWD North–northeastward (weather reports only)
NNWRN North–northwestern (weather reports only)
NNWWD Northwestward (weather reports only)
NO Not available (e.g. SLPNO, RVRNO)
NORPI No Pilot Balloon Observation Will Be Filed Next Collection Unless Weather Changes Significantly
NPRS Nonpersistent
NS Nimbostratus
NS Nova Scotia
NSCSWD No Small Craft or Storm Warning are Being Displayed
NSW No Significant Weather (METAR)
NVA Negative Vorticity Advection
NWLY Northwesterly (weather reports only)
NWRN Northwestern (weather reports only)
N North
NA Not Authorized
NAV Navigation
NB Northbound
NDB Nondirectional Radio Beacon
NE Northeast
NGT Night
NM Nautical Mile(s)
NMR Nautical Mile Radius
NONSTD Nonstandard
NOPT No Procedure Turn Required
NR Number
NTAP Notice To Airmen Publication
NW Northwest
OBS Observation
OBSC Obscure
OCFNT Occluded Front
OCLD Occlude
OCLN Occlusion
OFP Occluded Frontal Passage
OFSHR Offshore
OMTNS Over Mountains
ONSHR On Shore
ONT Ontario
ORGPHC Orographic
OSV Ocean Station Vessel
OTAS On Top and Smooth
OTLK Outlook
OVC Overcast
OBSC Obscured
OBST Obstruction
OM Outer Marker
OPR Operate
OPS Operation
ORIG Original
OTS Out of Service
OVR Over
PAEW Personnel and Equipment Working
PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator
PAR Precision Approach Radar
PARL Parallel
PAT Pattern
PAX Passenger
PCL Pilot Controlled Lighting
PERM Permanent/Permanently
PJE Parachute jumping exercise
PLA Practice Low Approach
PLW Plow/Plowed
PN Prior Notice Required
PPR Prior Permission Required
PREV Previous
PRN Psuedo random noise
PROC Procedure
PROP Propeller
PSR Packed Snow on Runway(s)
PTCHY Patchy
PTN Procedure Turn
PVT Private
P Pacific Standard Time (time group only)
P Polar (air mass)
P In RVR field, indicates visibility greater than highest reportable sensor value (e.g. P6000FT)
P6SM Visibility greater than 6 statute miles (TAF only)
PAC Pacific
PBL Probable
PCPN Precipitation
PDMT Predominant
PDW Priority Delayed Weather
PL Ice Pellets (METAR)
PGTSND Puget Sound
PIBAL Pilot Balloon Observation
PISE No Pilot Balloon Observation Due To Unfavorable Sea Conditions
PISO No Pilot Balloon Observation Due To Snow
PIWI No Pilot Balloon Observation Due To High, or Gusty, Surface Wind
PLW Plow (snow)
PNHDL Panhandle
PO Dust/Sand Whirls (METAR)
PPINA Radar Weather Report Not Available (or omitted for a reason different than those otherwise stated)
PPINE Radar Weather Report No Echoes Observed
PPINO Radar Weather Report Equipment Inoperative Due To Breakdown
PPIOK Radar Weather Report Equipment Operation Resumed
PPIOM Radar Weather Report Equipment Inoperative Due To Maintenance
PR Partial (METAR)
PRBLTY Probability
PRESFR Pressure Falling Rapidly
PRESRR Pressure Rising Rapidly
PRJMP Pressure Jump (weather reports only)
PROB40 Probability 40 percent (METAR)
PROG Prognosis or Prognostic
PRSNT Present
PS Plus
PSG Passage
PSG Passing
PTCHY Patchy
PTLY Partly
PVA Positive Vorticity Advection
PY Spray (METAR)
RUF Rough
RY/RWY Runway
RAIL Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
RAMOS Remote Automatic Meteorological Observing System
RCAG Remote Communication Air/Ground Facility
RCL Runway Centerline
RCLL Runway Centerline Light System
RCO Remote Communication Outlet
REC Receive/Receiver
RELCTD Relocated
REIL Runway End Identifier Lights
REP Report
RLLS Runway Lead–in Lights System
RMNDR Remainder
RNAV Area Navigation
RPLC Replace
RQRD Required
RRL Runway Remaining Lights
RSR En Route Surveillance Radar
RSVN Reservation
RT Right Turn
RTE Route
RTR Remote Transmitter/Receiver
RTS Return to Service
RUF Rough
RVR Runway Visual Range
RVRM Runway Visual Range Midpoint
RVRR Runway Visual Range Rollout
RVRT Runway Visual Range Touchdown
RAWIN Upper Winds Obs. (by radio methods)
RCD Radar Cloud Detection Report
RCDNA Radar Cloud Detection Report Not Available
RCDNE Radar Cloud Detection Report No Echoes Observed
RCDNO Radar Cloud Detector Inoperative Due to Breakdown Until
RCDOM Radar Cloud Detector Inoperative Due to Maintenance Until
RCKY Rockies (mountains)
RDG Ridge
RDWND Radar Dome Wind
RESTR Restrict
RGD Ragged
RH Relative Humidity
RHINO Radar Echo Height Information Not Available
RHINO Radar Range Height Indicator Not Operating on Scan
RIOGD Rio Grande
RMK Remark(s)
RNFL Rainfall
ROBEPS Radar Operating Below Prescribed Standard
RPD Rapid
RSG Rising
R Runway (used in RVR measurement)
RABA No RAWIN Obs., No Balloons Available
RABAL Radiosonde Balloon Wind Data
RABAR Radiosonde Balloon Release
RACO No RAWIN Obs., Communications Out
RADAT Radiosonde Observation Data
RADNO Report Missing Account Radio Failure
RAFI Radiosonde Observation Not Filed
RWY Runway
RAFRZ Radiosonde Observation Freezing Levels
RAHE No RAWIN Obs., No Gas Available
RAICG Radiosonde Observation Icing at
RAOB Radiosonde Observation
RAREP Radar Weather Report
RAVU Radiosonde Analysis and Verification Unit
RAWE No RAWIN obs., Unfavorable Weather
RAWI No RAWIN Obs., High and Gusty Winds
S South
SA Sand, sanded
SAT Saturday
SAWR Supplementary Aviation Weather Reporting Station
SB Southbound
SDF Simplified Directional Facility
SE Southeast
SFL Sequence Flashing Lights
SID Standard Instrument Departure
SIMUL Simultaneous
SIR Packed or Compacted Snow and Ice on Runway(s)
SKED Scheduled
SLR Slush on Runway(s)
SN Snow
SNBNK Snowbank(s) Caused by Plowing
SNGL Single
SPD Speed
SSALF Simplified Short Approach Lighting System with Sequenced Flashers
SSALR Simplified Short Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
SSALS Simplified Short Approach Lighting System
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
STA Straight–in Approach
STAR Standard Terminal Arrival
SUN Sunday
SVC Service
SW Southwest
SWEPT Swept or Broom/Broomed
SASK Saskatchewan
SBSD Subside
SC Stratocumulus
SCSL Standing Lenticular Stratocumulus
SCT Scattered
SELS Severe Local Storms
SELY Southeasterly (weather reports only)
SERN Southeastern (weather reports only)
SFERICS Atmospherics
SG Snow Grains (METAR)
SGD Solar–Geophysical Data
SH Showers (METAR)
SHFT Shift (weather reports only)
SX Stability Index
SXN Section
SYNOP Synoptic
SYNS Synopsis
STM Storm
STNRY Stationary
SWLG Swelling
SWLY Southwesterly (weather reports only)
SWRN Southwestern (weather reports only)
SNBNK Snowbank
SNFLK Snowflake
SNOINCR Snow Depth Increase in Past Hour
SNW Snow
SNWFL Snowfall
SP Station Pressure
SPECI Special Report (METAR)
SPKL Sprinkle
SPLNS South Plains
SPRD Spread
SQ Squall (METAR)
SQAL Squall
SQLN Squall Line
SS Sandstorm (METAR)
SSERN South-southeastern (weather reports only)
SSEWD South-southeastward (weather reports only)
SSWRN South-southwestern (weather reports only)
SSWWD South–southwestward (weather reports only)
ST Stratus
STAGN Stagnation
STFR Stratus Fractus
STFRM Stratiform
STG Strong
SHLW Shallow
SHRTLY Shortly
SHWR Shower
SIERNEV Sierra Nevada
SIR Snow and Ice on Runway
SKC Sky Clear (METAR)
SLD Solid
SLP Sea Level pressure (e.g. 1013.2 reported as 132)
SLR Slush on Runway
SLT Sleet
SM Statute mile(s)
SMK Smoke
SMTH Smooth
T Trace (weather reports only)
T Tropical (air mass)
TCU Towering Cumulus
TEMPO Temporary changes expected (between 2 digit beginning hour and 2 digit ending hour) (TAF)
THD Thunderhead (non METAR)
THDR Thunder (non METAR)
THK Thick
THN Thin
TKOF Takeoff
TOP Cloud Top
TOVC Top of Overcast
TPG Topping
TRIB Tributary
TROF Trough
TROP Tropopause
TRPCD Tropical Continental (air mass)
TRPCL Tropical
TRPLYR Trapping Layer
TS Thunderstorm (METAR)
TSHWR Thundershower (non METAR)
TSQLS Thundersqualls (non METAR)
TSTM Thunderstorm (non METAR)
TURBC Turbulence
TURBT Turbulent
TWRG Towering
T Temperature
TAA Terminal Arrival Area
TACAN Tactical Air Navigational Aid
TAR Terminal area surveillance radar
TDZ Touchdown Zone
TDZ LG Touchdown zone lights
TEMPO Temporary
TFC Traffic
TFR Temporary Flight Restriction
TGL Touch and Go Landings
THN Thin
THR Threshold
THRU Through
THU Thursday
TIL Until
TKOF Takeoff
TM Traffic Management
TMPA Traffic Management Program Alert
TRML Terminal
TRNG Training
TRSN Transition
TSNT Transient
TUE Tuesday
TWR Tower
TWY Taxiway
UPDFTS Updrafts
UPR Upper
UPSLP Upslope
UPSTRM Upstream
UVV Upward Vertical Velocity
UWNDS Upper Winds
UAG Upper Atmosphere Geophysics
UDDF Up and Down Drafts
UNSBL Unseasonable
UNSTBL Unstable
UNSTDY Unsteady
UNSTL Unsettle
UP Unknown Precipitation (Automated Observations)
UFN Until further notice
UNAVBL Unavailable
UNLGTD Unlighted
UNMKD Unmarked
UNMNT Unmonitored
UNREL Unreliable
UNUSBL Unusable
VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VDP Visual Descent Point
VGSI Visual Glide Slope Indicator
VIA By Way Of
VICE Instead/Versus
VIS Visibility
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
VOL Volume
VOR VHF Omni–Directional Radio Range
VORTAC VOR and TACAN (colocated)
V Varies  (wind direction and RVR)
V Variable (weather reports only)
VA Volcanic Ash (METAR)
VC Vicinity
VLCTY Velocity
VLNT Violent
VLY Valley
VR Veer
VRB Variable wind direction when speed is less than or equal to 6 knots
VRISL Vancouver Island, BC
VRT MOTN Vertical Motion
VSBY Visibility
VSBYDR Visibility Decreasing Rapidly
VSBYIR Visibility Increasing Rapidly
VV Vertical Visibility (Indefinite Ceiling) (METAR)
W West
WB Westbound
WED Wednesday
WEF With effect from or effective from
WI Within
WIE With immediate effect or effective immediately
WKDAYS Monday through Friday
WKEND Saturday and Sunday
WND Wind
WPT Waypoint
WSR Wet Snow on Runway(s)
WTR Water on Runway(s)
WX Weather
W Warm (air mass)
WDC–1 World Data Centers in Western Europe
WDC–2 World Data Centers Throughout Rest of World
WDLY Widely
WDSPRD Widespread
WEA Weather
WFP Warm Front Passage
WINT Winter
WND Wind
WNWRN West–northwestern (weather reports only)
WNWWD West–northwestward (weather reports only)
WPLTO Western Plateau
WR Wet Runway
WRM Warm
WRMFNT Warm Front
WRNG Warning
WS Wind Shear (in TAFs, low level and not associated with convective activity)
WSHFT Wind Shift
WSOM Weather Service Operations Manual
WSR Wet Snow on Runway
WSWRN West–southwestern (weather reports only)
WSWWD West–southwestward (weather reports only)
WTR Water
WTSPT Waterspout
WV Wave
WW Severe Weather Forecast
WXCON Weather Reconnaissance Flight Pilot Report
XCP Except
XPC Expect
Y Yukon Standard Time (time groups only)
YKN Yukon
YLSTN Yellowstone
ZI Zonal Index
ZI Zone of Interior