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ICAO Approach Classifications

Part 3: PBN – Airspace Concept RNP Approach (RNP APCH) RNP Approach procedures are titled as RNAV(GPS) and offer several level of minima to accommodate varying aircraft equipage: LNAV LNAV/VNAV Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) More information on LNAV, LNAV/VNAV and LPV is given in consecutive parts. Key points of RNP Approach: RNP APCH

Part 3: PBN – Airspace Concept

Part 2: PBN – RNP 10, RNAV 10, P-RNAV, B-RNAV, MNPS Airspace Concept : It describes the intended operations within an airspace. Concept of airspace has been developed to achieve the objective of high safety standards, increasing air traffic capacity, improve efficiency, more accurate flight paths and mitigation of environmental impact. PBN is one of

Part 2: PBN – RNP 10, RNAV 10, P-RNAV, B-RNAV, MNPS

Part 1: Performance Based Navigation – PBN RNP 10 vs RNAV 10 RNP 10 designation is inconsistent with PBN RNP and RNAV specifications. RNP 10 does not have requirements for on-board performance monitoring and alerting. RNP 10 is often written as RNAV 10. Renaming current RNP 10 routes is extensive and expensive task. Consequently any

Part 1: PBN – Performance Based Navigation

PBN concept represents the shift from sensor based navigation to performance based navigation. PBN primarily identifies navigation requirements irrespective of the means by which these are met. These navigation performance requirements are identified as navigation specifications which also identify the choice of navigation sensors and equipment that may be used to meet the performance requirements.

RNPC – Required Navigation Performance Capability

FANS – Future Air Navigation Systems defined RNPC (Required Navigation Performance Capability) as a parameter describing lateral deviations from assigned or selected track as well as along track position fixing accuracy on the basis of an appropriate containment level. In 1990 capability and performance were distinctly identified and RNPC was changed to RNP(Required Navigation Performance).

Radius to Fix (RF)

Radius to Fix (RF) leg is defined as constant radius circular path around a defined turn center that terminates at a fix. This leg may have speed limits applicable to prevent overshoot or undershoot of aircraft. RNP Scalability Part 4: PBN – RNP APCH, RNP AR APCH, RNP AR DP and A-RNP  

RNP Scalability

Scalability with respect to RNP refers to the ability of avionics systems to automatically retrieve and display the required RNP value for each leg segment of a route or procedure from navigation database. These RNP values are depicted on PFD or ND and CDI is scaled according to value of current leg. RNP scalability is