Set 1: DGCA ATPL Interview/Viva Questions Air Naviation + Radio Aids and Instruments

  1. State difference between the warnings given by GPWS and EGPWS
  2. How is Grid MORA depicted on Jeppesen charts?
  3. What is CDFA and how it is different from CANPA?
  4. If given option which approach will you prefer out of D-VOR, VOR and NDB and Why?
  5. What is the reference of Radio Altimeter Height?
  6. Which type of projection is used near the Equator?
  7. What are the components of ILS? Can an ILS approach be executed without ILS DME?
  8. In what all instruments Tied Gyros are used?
  9. What are the requirements to enter RVSM airspace?
  10. What is RNP?