Part 3: PBN – Airspace Concept

Airspace Concept : It describes the intended operations within an airspace. Concept of airspace has been developed to achieve the objective of high safety standards, increasing air traffic capacity, improve efficiency, more accurate flight paths and mitigation of environmental impact. PBN is one of the fundamental element of airspace concept and aids in achieving the following:

  1. Safety : RNP instrument approach procedures can increase safety (e.g. more safety against terrain and CFIT occurrences)
  2. Capacity: More routes/procedures are possible
  3. Efficiency: RNP provides more optimized flight path for departure/arrival and even enroute.
  4. Environment: Because of more direct routing it helps in reducing carbon footprints
  5. Access: With high accuracy levels, lower minima than supported by conventional procedures can be achieved and hence ensure more access to the airport during bad weather

Various stakeholders are involved in development of air space concept. These stakeholders work at different levels. They include airspace planners, procedure designers, aircraft manufacturers, pilots and air traffic controllers. Airspace planners, procedure designers, airworthiness and regulatory authorities work at strategic level and controllers and pilots work at tactical level.

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