Part 2: PBN – RNP 10, RNAV 10, P-RNAV, B-RNAV, MNPS

RNP 10 vs RNAV 10
RNP 10 designation is inconsistent with PBN RNP and RNAV specifications. RNP 10 does not have requirements for on-board performance monitoring and alerting. RNP 10 is often written as RNAV 10. Renaming current RNP 10 routes is extensive and expensive task. Consequently any existing or new operational approvals will continue to be designated RNP 10, and any charting annotations will be depicted as RNP 10.
P-RNAV, B-RNAV, USRNAV Types A and B anomalies 

In past, US and member states of European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) used regional RNAV specifications with different designation. ECAC applications (P-RNAV and B-RNAV) will continue to be used only within those states. Changes will be eventually done towards international navigation specifications of RNAV 1 and RNAV 5 for P-RNAV and B-RNAV respectively.

US migrated from USRNAV Types A and B to RNAV 1 specification in March 2007.

Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS) will continue to be used in North Atlantic airspace until PBN is implemented. Unlike PBN, MNPS is madatory in North Atlantic airspace and requirements for MNPS are set out in NAT Doc 007 (

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