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Oxygen System [Question Bank Airbus A320]

1. What type of Oxygen system is present in Airbus A320 Aircraft? A320 Oxygen System consists of: Cockpit Fixed Oxygen System Cabin Fixed Oxygen System Portable Oxygen System This is diluter demand type system where compressed oxygen is stored in cylinder/s. Oxygen flow can be controlled as per crew requirements. Pressure of oxygen cylinder/s is

Water/Waste System [Question Bank Airbus A320]

1. What is the use of water and waste system in Airbus A320? Water and waste system systems: distribute potable water to toilets and galleys dispose waste water store toilet wastes 2. Does cockpit has any control for water and waste system? No, water and waste systems are controlled by Forward Attendant Panel (FAP) 3.

Ice and Rain Protection System [Question Bank Airbus A320]

1. How is Airbus A320 aircraft protected against icing? Hot air or electrical heating protects the critical areas of aircraft. Hot Air Electrical Heating three outboard leading-edge slats of each wing engine air intakes flight compartment windows sensors, pilot probes and static ports waste water drain mast 2. How is windshield protected against icing? Windshield

Equipment [Question Bank Airbus A320]

1. What color coding is applicable to push buttons in Airbus A320 cockpit? Following color coding is applicable to push buttons: Warnings Cautions Indications RED: failure requiring immediate action AMBER: failure which flight crew should be aware but doesn’t call for immediate action GREEN: For normal system operation BLUE: For normal operation of a system

Flight Controls System [Question Bank Airbus A320] – Page 4

61. What does FAULT light on ELAC1(2) pushbutton indicate? Fault light comes on amber when failure is detected and also during ELAC power up test (eight seconds) ELAC power-up test occurs when electrical power is turned on or after occurrence of an electrical transient lasting longer than 25ms. 62. Can rudder be moved with both

Flight Controls [Question Bank Airbus A320] – Page 3

41. Is auto pitch trim available in alternate law? YES 42. Is auto pitch trim available in direct law? NO, use manual pitch trim 43. What are the PFD indications for Normal Law, Alternate Law and Direct Law? Following figure illustrate the PFD indications as asked: 44. What is the meaning of indication MAN PITCH

Flight Controls [Question Bank Airbus A320] – Page 2

21. What all protections are available in Normal Law? Normal law provide the following protections: Load Factor Protection Pitch Attitude Protection High Angle of Attack Protection (this is different from Alpha Floor Protection) High Speed Protection Bank Angle Protection 22. Rudder has no protection available and must be used with care. Is this statement correct?

Flight Controls System [Question Bank Airbus A320] – Page 1

1. How many flight control computers Airbus A320 has? Airbus A320 has 7 flight control computer. 2 ELACs Elevator Aileron Computer 3 SECs Spoilers Elevator Computer 2 FACs Flight Augmentation Computer For normal elevator and stabilizer control. Aileron control For spoilers control and standby elevator and stabilizer control For electrical rudder control In addition 2