Spice Jet Air Ambulance Service – COVID19

SpiceJet is one such airlines company that always works for providing the best to their users in every situation. Moreover, their main motive behind their exceptional service is to provide their users with a safe flight, and they have a 100% success rate in their specialty.
During this lock down period because of Corona virus outbreak, SpiceJet has again started an initiative of SpiceJet Air Ambulance Services. In which they offered their services of aircraft and crew members to the Government of India so that they can help stuck people reach to their loved ones easily.

Hence this great initiative states the mutual understanding that the airlines have with their country, and they know where to take a stand for helping others.

All About SpiceJet Air Ambulance Services-  

SpiceJet had started their work under this humanitarian mission from the time when there was lock down for just 21-days. In that mission, they were ready to provide transportation facilities to those migrant workers who were unable to reach to their families because of lock down.

In this initiative, SpiceJet offered some flight services from Delhi and Mumbai to Patna. Not only that the airline company was already supplying food items and medicines to those, who were stuck at a point and were unable to get food and medicines to them.

It’s also found that those areas where international and domestic flights are banned, cargo flights are being sent there so that they can bring out the stuck people from such place too.

Along with all these SpiceJet was also asked by the government of India to operate a charter flight which was from Delhi to Coimbatore. With the help of which they were asked to transport a Hazmat suit (a wearable protective suit against hazardous materials).

With the help of their dedicated medical personnel team, SpiceJet is always ready to help people with their air ambulance services 24×7, all over the country.

Key highlights of SpiceJet Air Ambulance Services- 

  • Migrant workers are being sent to their family members with the help of SpiceJet flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Patna under the Humanitarian mission by Government of India.
  • These services will continue till the lockdown is not over.
  • Cargo flights are being operated to the areas, where international and domestic flights are banned.
  • Food and medicines are being supplied with the help of SpiceJet airlines flights and crewmembers.
  • All SpiceJet air ambulance services are available over the country 24×7.

Rumors says SpiceJet is using King Air C90 aircraft as Air Ambulance.