Silent Wings Museum – Lubbock Texas

Want to know about the untold story of the military glider program in World War 2? If you said yes, then Silent Wings Museum is one of the must-visit places for you, as this is the only place in the world that will help you know more about the story of the World War 2 military glider program.

The Silent Wings Museum is situated in Lubbock, Texas and comprises of various artifacts and information related to Word War 2.

But before heading towards, do you know why this museum is called the Silent Wings Museum? The reason behind it is, during this war, the military sent two pilots with a team of soldiers in engine-less canvas-covered gliders near the enemy line. Because of which they were able to get a silent entry to the enemy line and hence defeated the opposition army.

This particular program was later called the Military Gliders Program, although in the starting, it didn’t sound good, but somehow the plan became successful.

  • From the takeoff to the touchdown, two pilots and the group of soldiers were in total danger as they did not know how they would land.
  • The landing was miserable too, and many soldiers got harmed.

Know what Silent Wings Museum is all about!

  • Silent Wings Museum consists of three display galleries, a theater, a library, and a special historical archive.
  • At the gallery, you would be able to find war-time videos, toys, and all those items that were being used during the nuclear arms race.
  • The main motive behind the creation of this museum was to let everyone know who fought for us in the World War 2, and we have to say this with the help of Silent Wings Museum you would be able to know more about the equipment used, the personnel who fought in the WW2 and many more such things.
  • In case if you love history and want to explore new things out of it, then this museum would be the most loved place for you.
  • This museum offers a vast collection from the history of World War 2, and everything would be shared to us with the help of screens all around in which you can find out artifacts such as Guns, gliders, information, and info about those who fought in the WW2.
  • The Silent Wings Museum offers you a precise guide for all the gliders used in WW2, once you enter the museum you would be able to notice artifacts all around and gliders hanged above.
  • Further details on gliders are highlighted with various info graphics, which really attracts the attention.
  • There are artifacts of that military personnel who served in WW2, along with their details regarding work.
  • Silent Wings Museum also holds a specific area for weapons lover. We bet you will appreciate the vast collection of weapons used for WW2.

Now more than 15,000 people visit here, and after a visit at Silent Wings Museum, you would be one of those few people who would be knowing how a small group of pilots made their mark in World War 2.