Light Health Hazards associated with Air Travel

Are you thinking about your next vacation, and this time you want to select a far away location? If you said yes, then we are sure that you must be travelling by air to reach your location.

There are several benefits that you can take advantage of travelling by air, some of those are as follows-

  • You would be able to reach your destination as soon as possible by air travel.
  • You would be able to save a lot of your money.
  • During air travel, you would be able to take advantage of excellent services.

Air travel has many more such benefits, but along with all such advantages, there are various health hazards too that the users can face by air travel.
In case if you are unaware of these health hazards of air travel, then make sure to follow this article till the end, to know everything about health hazards.

Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis

In case if you are not aware of this health condition, then let us tell you that Deep vein thrombosis is a kind of situation in which a blood clot gets created in the leg veins. If you are travelling by air, then your chances of getting stuck in this health condition are higher, as during a flight you are not told to move, and hence you would have to sin for a long-time at one seat only.

Here are some tips with which you can reduce the chances of facing the risk of Deep vein thrombosis and those are-

  • You should try to wear loose-fitting clothes while travelling by air.
  • Make sure you are bending your legs frequently during your air travel; this will help in reducing the chances of blood clots.
  • You can even massage your calf muscles.
  • Take a walk whenever you get a chance.

Rise in Blood Pressure

We are sure that you must be knowing about this fact; the higher you are in the sky, the less amount of oxygen you get, which directly increases the blood pressure.
In case if you have low or normal blood pressure before the flight, then you will not face any rise in blood pressure. But if you already had high blood pressure before the flight, then you could face the issue of hypertension, and in some serious ones, it can even lead to heart failure.

Here are some tips you can follow for getting rid of higher blood pressure issues-

  • You should avoid salty food and alcoholic drinks during the flight.
  • Make sure you keep your blood pressure medicines with you.

Temporary Hearing Loss

Whenever you are travelling by air because of altitude changes, you can face some hearing loss for some time temporarily. Although in such a condition, your brain is unable to adjust your ears according to the air altitude outside the plane.

This is the reason you can hearing loss while flying. Here are some tips you can follow for reducing this effect-

  • While flying, makes sure you are drinking a lot of water to get rid of this hearing loss issue.
  • You can have chewing gum or candy.

Dehydration Issues

During a flight, there are very fewer chances that you can get for going to the washroom, and hence this is the reason the most number of people in the flight do not drink water at all and thus face the issue of dehydration.
Because of dehydration, they face various problems such as scratchy eyes, throat issues, and many more.

Here are some tips you can follow for never being dehydrated in a flight-

  • The best tip is to drink more water.
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol, tea, and many such drinks.

Jet Lag

Everybody must have heard about Jet lag, but there are very few who know about it. If you are travelling to a place that has different time zones, then you can face jet lag.
Jet lag can lead to various other problems such as constipation, anxiety, nausea, and more.

Tips to follow for getting rid of it-

  • Before travelling, you should try to change your sleeping schedule.
  • Try to do as much rest as you can before your departure time.

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