Water/Waste System [Question Bank Airbus A320]

1. What is the use of water and waste system in Airbus A320?

Water and waste system systems:

  • distribute potable water to toilets and galleys
  • dispose waste water
  • store toilet wastes

2. Does cockpit has any control for water and waste system?

No, water and waste systems are controlled by Forward Attendant Panel (FAP)

3. What is the location of potable water tank in Airbus A320 aircraft?

Airbus A320 aircraft has 200 litres water tank located in front of wing box, behind the forward cargo compartment.

4. How is water system pressurized?

Water system is pressurized by bleed air.

5. How is waste water drained in Airbus A320 aircraft?

Waste water is drained overboard through two heated drain mast. Forward mast drains waste water from forward cabin and aft mast drains from aft cabin. Waste and water are discharged by gravity and differential pressure.

6. Clean water from potable water system flushes toilets. Is this statement correct?


7. Where is manual flush control located?

Manual flush control is located under each toilet bowl.