Flight Controls [Question Bank Airbus A320] – Page 3

41. Is auto pitch trim available in alternate law?


42. Is auto pitch trim available in direct law?

NO, use manual pitch trim

43. What are the PFD indications for Normal Law, Alternate Law and Direct Law?

Following figure illustrate the PFD indications as asked:

Normal Law, Alternate Law and Direct Law

44. What is the meaning of indication MAN PITCH TRIM ONLY on PFD?

This indication refers the the condition when aircraft is in mechanical backup mode. Under this condition side stick is inoperative and mechanical backup mode is to manage:

  • temporary and total electrical loss
  • temporary loss of five fly by wire computers
  • loss of both elevator
  • total loss of ailerons and spoilers

45. If there is total loss of hydraulics (G + B + Y failure) can aircraft fly with mechanical backup?

NO, hydraulics are required to fly the aircraft in mechanical back up.

46. What happens when Rudder trim reset pb is pressed with AP ON and OFF?

  • AP ON: no effect, button is deactivated when auto pilot is ON
  • AP OFF: zero trim position is ordered at 1.5 degree per second rate
  • INFO : Rudder trim rotary selector – works at rate of one degree rudder travel per second

47. Can pitch trim wheel be referred in air to find aircraft CG position?

Relation between aircraft CG and THS shown on trim wheel is only applicable for take off (for in flight determination refer MCDU)

48. When both side sticks are operated simultaneously, sum of the side stick inputs limited to Normal law deflection limits is applicable. Is this statement correct?


49. What is the significance of red arrow light indication in front of both pilots?

Red arrow light comes on in front of pilot loosing authority and goes off when the pilot’s authority is recovered.

50. What indication can be expected to understand that both side sticks are being moved simultaneously?

In the event of simultaneous operation following indications are applicable:

  • two green SIDE STICK PRIORITY lights on glare shield comes on
  • DUAL INPUT voice message is activated
  • info : only one side stick priority light along with red arrow light comes on when takeover push button is used

51. What happens when takeover push button is pressed for more than 40 seconds?

  • priority condition is latched until other pilot press takeover pushbutton
  • red light comes on in front of pilot whose side stick id deactivated
  • green light comes on in front of pilot who has taken control and if other stick is not in neutral position
  • priority left or priority right audio voice message is trigerred each time priority is taken

52. How are flaps and slats controlled in Airbus A320 aircraft?

Each wing has two flaps and 5 slats surfaces. They are controlled by 2 SFCC computers. Each computer has one slats and one flaps channel. If one computer fails, both slats and flaps operate at half speed.

53. What happens if take off was done is config 1+F and cofig zero is not selected after takeoff?

Flaps automatically retract at 210 kt, aircraft accelerate to next VMO-5 speed(225 kt).

54. What happens when config 1 is selected on approach?

Slats are set at 18 degree and flaps remain at 0 degree.

55. What different ECAM indications are available for SFCC failure?

  • INFO – F/CTL SLATS LOCKED / F/CTL FLAPS LOCKED indicate only mechanical failure not computer failure

56. Which dual hydraulic system failure makes flaps inoperative?

Green + Yellow

57. Which dual hydraulic system failure makes slats inoperative?

Green + Blue

58. There is no rudder pedal feedback for yaw damping and turn coordination functions. Is this statement correct?


59. When do wing tip brakes get activated?

Wing Tip brakes get activated under following conditions:

  • in case of asymmetry
  • mechanism over speed
  • symmetrical runaway
  • un-commanded movement of surfaces

INFO: If flap wingtip brakes are on, the pilot can still operate the slats, and if slat wingtip brakes are on, he can still operate the flaps.

60. What is ECAM indication for wing tip brakes active condition?

  • ‘F’ legend appears in Amber on the Slat/Flap position indicator on upper ECAM
  • F LOCKED legend appears in Amber
  • Flaps Actual Position becomes Amber on Upper ECAM
  • F/CTL FLAPS LOCKED caution is generated