Equipment [Question Bank Airbus A320]

1. What color coding is applicable to push buttons in Airbus A320 cockpit?

Following color coding is applicable to push buttons:

Warnings Cautions Indications
RED: failure requiring immediate action AMBER: failure which flight crew should be aware but doesn’t call for immediate action

GREEN: For normal system operation

BLUE: For normal operation of a system used used temporarily

WHITE: for abnormal push button position or for test result or maintenance information

2. What does two dots on push button indicates?

Certain push button lights have two dots, indicating that the corresponding part of the push button is not used

3. Where is circuit breaker for electric power to crew seat located?

Circuit breaker for electrical power to seat is located under the seat.

4. What all emergency equipment are present in cockpit?

Following emergency equipment are available in cockpit:

  • Life jackets stowed
  • Axe stowed
  • Smoke hoods or portable oxygen equipment and full face masks – stowed and serviceable
  • Portable fire extinguisher lock wired and pressure in the green area
  • Smoke googles stowed (smoke hoods)
  • Oxygen masks stowed